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    • Giving the people their voice

      A new television commercial we’ve just produced for Norwood features their staff. It’s a reasonably common approach but sometimes, if the talent isn’t handled just right it can all go a bit pear-shaped. Fortunately, Blu knows what he’s doing.

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    • Big events need BIG videos

      We made some pretty unique video content to support the MTA100 Car Show of the Century event in Wellington. 8-metre high screens and an audience of 700 industry guests made the challenge that much more satisfying to conquer.

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    • Sunshine and tarmac. Heaven!

      A Kiwi summer is magical…especially if you spend some of it standing in a paddock watching skilled drivers hurl themselves up someone’s driveway as fast as possible. Better still if you can get to film it for a Client who understands how cars move people in more ways than just the obvious.

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    • Have pharmaceutical company - will travel

      When your business starts to go international it’s vital it does so with commitment and clarity about it’s place in the competitive landscape/ AFT Pharmaceuticals know this well. That’s why they use their founder as their USP. Introducing Hartley Atkinson – Renegade Pharmacist.

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    • Good for the heart

      Schools enable different outcomes for different students. Baradene College of the Sacred Heart wanted to listen to alumnae reflecting on what their education has empowered them to achieve.

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    • What are you doing on my screen?

      It can be really awkward jumping onto someones laptop or phone and trying to get them to buy something. Humour can help. We try it for Auckland Drape Company.

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Screens are everywhere.  Look good on all of them.

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