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Who is WANTED?

WANTED has been a successful commercial television production company for over 20-years. Blu Steven started the company after a career as in-house producer for some of New Zealand’s leading advertising agencies.

Advertising agencies use WANTED to interpret their ideas and storyboards into directors treatments and cost estimates and then, reality as a full service commercial production company.

Blu has worked with a number of agencies, both large and full, and is happy to dial in his contribution as required by the agency creative and account service teams.

Sometimes organisations that don’t have an existing agency relationship also contract WANTED to assist with their television and video production needs. With an Auckland University BCom degree majoring in marketing to his credit Blu can not only make that shiny new television commercial or website video but also empathise with the bigger picture. Frequently, Blu will recommend direct Clients get in touch with some of his advertising agency contacts as their specialist expertise can be brought to bear on specific marketing issues.

Recently there’s been a distinct move toward organisations wanting their own people tell their story. The internet is largely responsible for this as it’s an environment where companies primarily need to establish trust with their markets. WANTED has become expert at capturing genuine and believable on-camera performances from interview subjects and getting great performances from ‘real people’. For some Clients it’s a scary proposition but often the most powerful video content comes from staff, business owners or customers – those who have skin in the game. Blu can be trusted to get the best from them – on camera.

And speaking of skin in the game…that’s a perfect way of describing the other members of the WANTED team.

Freelancers. The production industry is built on them for very good reason.

Freelancers are first and foremost expert at what they do. If they aren’t, they starve. This expertise comes from being both passionate and skilled at their work. That’s why WANTED puts certain freelance talent on projects – because we know what these individuals are best at and, therefore, who’s right for the job.

Combining the input of selected freelance contractors with the production and directorial expertise that Blu Steven has accrued ensures your project will have the best resources applied to it in the most cost effective and productive manner possible.

And that all means you get the best result for the best price.